Music Instrument Bank

The Music Instrument Bank is a collaboration between Mullingar Employment Action Group and Music Generation Offaly/Westmeath which helps resolve the patchy approach to music education for young people, dependent on parents’ ability to pay, or the goodwill of an enthusiastic and talented music teacher in schools.     


Through the Instrument bank, the intention over five years is that all pre-school children moving into the primary system will receive music education throughout the primary cycle. The programme envisages an introduction to music for children aged 7-9 (in whole class groups), a pre-school introduction to music for children aged 3-5, and instrumental tuition for children over nine in small groups over 30 weeks a year.  


The instrument bank provides the instruments to ensure all children can access music education.


For more details about the Instrument Bank and the Instrument Outreach Programme, an access programme offering young people the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, contact;   


Margaret Broome    

Offaly County Council, Charleville Road, Tullamore, Co. Offaly    

telephone: 057 9357400    


website: Music Generation Offaly/Westmeath


Music Generation Offaly/Westmeath is managed by Offaly/Westmeath Music Education Partnership, led by Offaly County Council in partnership with Westmeath County Council and Athlone Education Centre.