About Mullingar Employment Action Group

Mullingar Employment Action Group was formed resulting from a public meeting held in 1986 in Mullingar, in an effort to respond to the high level of unemployment which existed in the area. 


A Limited Liability Company, Mullingar Employment Action Group was established in 1990, when a new purpose built Enterprise Centre was established in Bishopsgate St. Mullingar comprising of some 19 enterprise units.


In a follow up phase of development, through a new company, ‘Mullingar Enterprise Technology and Innovation Centre Ltd., MEAG further developed the job and enterprise creation concept in a brand new Enterprise Centre at Clonmore Industrial Estate in Mullingar. This new Enterprise Centre, comprising of 12 larger units (500-100 square foot) was opened in 2008.


Our Aim?

  • To create new and develop existing enterprises which would provide viable employment in the environs of Mullingar. 
  • To create a central community image and presence aimed at the promotion of Mullingar as a Town of enterprise and initiative, able to attract new and innovative entrepreneurial ideas. 
  • To provide by means of a voluntary Business Advice Panel, a confidential advice and support service to local people starting up business enterprises. 
  • To establish and manage viable businesses, which may or may not be owned by the community. 
  • To acquire the necessary funds from the local community (including business and financial institutions operating in the area) and from the relevant State Agencies and National/International organisations. 
  • To create a structure competent in the management of projects, new and established, in which the community has a function. 
  • To create and develop a permanent central community structure capable of maintaining the above objectives.