Free Advice and Mentoring Service

Mullingar Employment Action Group has a long history of helping and supporting people and businesses. We continue to strive to support many small businesses and start-ups that are so important to the local community. 1 to 1 sessions are available for anybody, and can be arranged by appointment. The goal is to offer free practical advice to individuals and small businesses. 


This is not meant to be a comprehensive business mentoring service, or a free management consultancy that involves any hours of meetings and work. Our service is more about having a straight talking, supportive, practical advice meeting with somebody whom you can trust, about the challenges and opportunities that you are facing in your business, or to help you develop your idea into a new business.


Where appropriate, you will be directed to other agencies or supports available in the Enterprise Support Network that can assist in the execution of your business goal.


To make an appointment call the office at 044-934 3444 or e-mail