BevTour is an Erasmus+ supported project led by Strode College based in The UK. The project partnership is formed by 12 different institutions coming from 11 European countries (The UK, Ireland, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, France, Italy, Greece, Estonia, Germany and Portugal.)

The Project


The BevTOUR project results will help food and beverage producers, and the support organisations and intermediaries in this sector all over Europe to understand the potential benefits of Food and Beverage Tourism to their own business, and to the wider region. It will help them to understand what is possible in terms of developing their tourism potential through best practice cases from around Europe. 


The main aims and objectives (impact) of BevTOUR are:

To increase awareness among artisan food and beverage producers of the economic opportunity presented

To provide producers and regional intermediaries with the tools to develop their tourism product and marketing strategy


The project will develop 3 main outcomes:

  • BevTour Best Practice Handbook
  • A handbook detailing best practices case studies in Food and Beverage Tourism from around Europe, and tools and templates to develop and promote a gastro-tourism destination.
  • A Tourists Guidebook of Food/Beverage Tourism projects in each partner country, a minimum of 33 projects covering a range of categories of food and beverage including suggested itineraries, recommended stop off points.


This is a 2 year long project starting in December 2020 and ending in December 2022.



Strode College (UK) is consistently in the Top 10% of schools and colleges nationally for the progress its students make on A-Levels and vocational programmes. This makes us one of the highest performing colleges in the country. Our higher education provision was awarded the best possible rating by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) in 2017.




Strode College, is an amazing place to learn, with exceptional staff who are 100% committed to ensuring learners achieve fantastic results, with an Outstanding reputation locally and nationally; validated by our students’ achievements.

DRAMBLYS (Spain) is an international non-profit socio-cultural organization of independent professionals committed to positive social change and responsible leadership.They combine sociological imagination & inquiry with social creativity and design to approach, explore, and innovate solutions to emerging social problems. The main programmes and areas of expertise includeprogramme design and evaluation, diversity management, data visualisation and social design.

The Comparative Research Network (Germany) was founded in 2007 and worked since then in the field of non-formal adult, youth and VET education and research.


The CRN Network is specialised in training activities within the fields of intercultural competences, intergenerational learning, mobilities and migration. Additionally, the CRN is specialised in creating and performing evaluation and dissemination processes. CRN lately gained through various projects both as coordinator and participant expertise in game design in education, storytelling and community reporting, where the network is currently carrying out training for several target                                                                                                  groups.


e-code (Slovakia) is an independent adult-learning institution.

e-code (from “education for continuous development”) is a non-profit association established for developing and delivering needed and innovative educational activities for adults and youth. Our aim is to offer educational activities unique by its content, methodology and geographic coverage. That is why our offer of educational activities includes e-learning courses, intensive trainings, workshops but also traditional forms of education or working opportunities contributing to development of specific skills of individuals involved in our activities.


e-code is actively participating in European education projects since its very beginning. During our existence we have been working on the projects developed under Lifelong Learning Programme,  Horizon 2020 or Erasmus+ programme 

Inn training (UK) is a SME based in Norfolk, but delivers training across the East of England region, and within the M25 primarily, but does travel and train nationally.


We also deliver bespoke courses for individual business needs as required, as part of our consultancy services.

In the last year, the  partners of Inn-Training have also become end point assessors for various awarding organisations to assess Hospitality, Team Leading, Customer Service, Retail and Business Administration.


As an organisation within the rural economy, Inn-Training have worked with numerous local initiatives such as EEDA (East of England Development Agency) , Skills Funding Agency (SFA, formerly known as Learning Skills Council) and Landskills East, delivering to micro businesses. 

ISAG – European Business School (Portugal) is a private polytechnic higher education institution founded in October 1979, and located in the city of Porto. ISAG was a pioneer in the creation of several higher education degrees, namely Tourism and Business Management and nowadays it has approximately 1500 students, distributed by four bachelor degrees (Business Management, Hotel Management, Tourism and Business Relations), two Master programs (Business Management and Commercial Direction and Marketing), five Higher Professional Technical Courses and several executive training courses, such as: MBA’s, post-graduation and specialization courses. It also provides tailored programs for the companies. ISAG’s permanent concern with the quality and the increasing challenges faced by organizations is the basis that allows differentiation, innovation, quality and accuracy, which are the main characteristics of our institution

Eurotracks (France) has over 15 years of experience in setting up and managing European projects, and in particular on the theme of education and training via the  Erasmus + program , for education, training, youth and sport (key action KA1 and KA2)


Eurotracks supports: The job seekers who want to do an internship in Europe, The job center , the Local Missions , the CFA and universities  in the implementation of their European mobility projects and the companies in their European and international development.


Eurotracks aims to: promote access to professional mobility for job seekers, apprentices and students, improve the quality of mobility, facilitate the recognition of learning outcomes and work experience at European level (ECVET)



IED (Greece) Since our establishment in 2005, we have implemented EU projects, under multiple EU Financial Frameworks. Through the years, our team of expert Project Proposal Writers and Project Managers has gathered the experience to write and implement any EU Project either as project partners or project leaders. 


EU Projects aim at solving all the major issues that affect the European Society. Through the implementation of more than 150 EU projects,  IED we have created case studies on the current European issues we are helping to solve. We located the problem and used our expertise to help take the solution on step further.


 IED is an organization focusing on promoting new and innovative ideas for EU Project Proposals as well as turning the impact of the projects into viable solutions. You can see all of our research ideas by browsing our Research Lab as well as all the Achievements that we have created over the past 15 years.


Medoro scarl aims: to improve the performance of educational institutions, raise awareness among the main stakeholders on the importance of personalized, informal and effective training, to offer effective and modern training tools to those who need to enter or re-enter the labor market.


To this end, it facilitates dialogue and experimentation with training processes that see the different actors collaborating with each other. Medoro operates in a territorial context, Southern Italy, characterized by strong phenomena of social exclusion, youth unemployment and intellectual emigration. Medoro’s team is able to engineer training solutions for young people, adults and university students in a web environment. It is able to manage the communication and dissemination processes of the project results.

 Youth in Science and Business Foundation (Estonia)

YSBF is a non-profit organization aimed at supporting innovative ideas and creativity, disseminating information on advancements of science and  technology and conducting research activities related to IT and innovation. 


YSBF has been active in creating and participating in different projects for almost 20 years. During that time our aim has been to motivate young people from both Estonia and Europe to think more broadly and develop themselves in different fields. One of our main focuses is on culture and creativity and we have been involved in various projects that focus on heritage and traditions. The current project with focus on cultural heritage is in line with our values and goals, promoting the interests of local culture and creative approaches. Since establishment, we have received funding for our projects from EU-funds, private sector companies, Estonian government and international organizations. We are based in Tallinn, Estonia, but our projects are mostly international. We have almost 20 years of experience in projects related to young people, science, technology and dissemination of novel ideas.





Agency for Territorial Marketing (Slovenia) was established in 2002 with the aim to encourage sustainable development on the following fields:

  •  creative potentials of the region in urban and rural areas
  •  culture and cultural heritage
  •  tourism
  •  training and other social infrastructure
  •  international cooperation and internationalisation of SMEs
  •  environment / sustainable construction / energy

Since its establishment, 18 years ago, the company became an important regional player on the field of development and marketing activities in the eastern cohesion region of Slovenia. It was involved in elaboration of sustainable development plans, encouraging of inward investment and awareness raising campaigns for touristic areas.

Within numerous international development projects, the company has cooperated with other competent regional players like Maribor development agency, Enterprise Europe Network, Regional Economic Chambers and Craft Chambers, Technology parks as well as other regional experts.