SMILE - Sustainable Microbrewers

Learning Across Europe

Erasmus+    2016-1-IE01-KA202-016879


The SMILE project targets the Craft Beer/Micro Brewery industry in Europe. The project will develop the tools to educate entrepreneurs behind the micro brewing explosion.


The outcome will be increased opportunities and the skills to build successful, sustainable brewing businesses.


Key principles which the project seeks to influence includes;


• To help develop the business skills of micro-brewers to sustain enterprise and employment,

• To help train brewers to develop leadership and responsibility in relation to food safety,

• To improve the mobility of brewery workers in Europe,

• To reinforce knowledge of the important link between, brewing, agriculture and the natural environment,

• Support knowledge creation and exchange in the fields of brewing, malting and fermentation science,

• To develop the competences and competitiveness of the European micro brewing sector and further encourage the positive contribution that European beer can make to the economy,

• To encourage the ongoing improvement and dissemination of best available practices and techniques in respect of sustainability within the brewing sector,

• To support the EU’s drive towards sustainable consumption and production,

• The creation of new job opportunities and the encouragement of entrepreneurship.


The main outputs of the project are as follows;


1.   An industry research report incorporating needs analysis for the industry for partner countries and EU as a whole, and gap analysis of the deficiencies in the existing VET provision, and outlining the new curricula to be developed through the SMILE project,


2.   Accredited ‘apprenticeship-type’ training programme. (Included developed curricula, and training materials incorporating e-learning modules, classroom modules an work placement modules),


3.  A Website to support the training and a newly established European Micro-Brewers network.

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Project Partners


Mullingar Employment Action Group (MEAG) is a community supported 'not for profit' organisation focused on the support and development of enterprise, and on personal development and preparedness of individuals for the world of work.



Inn training deliver a large range of  short due diligence courses such as Food Safety, Licensing, Health and Safety L1-3, First Aid L1-3, as well as a range of apprenticeships  covering Hospitality, Customer Service, Management and Team Leading. 



Non-profit organization Located in the northern part of Sicily provides training in diverse sectors including Food & Beverage and Agriculture Management. A Rocca, through his international department Eprojectconsult have huge experience in the field of education.


GLAFKA is educational institution focus on knowledge and innovation transfer in a field of a) lifelong learning and further education; b) labor market and entrepreneurship; c) teaching and training methods and technologies


DRAMBLYS Social Creativity Lab - SPAIN

DRAMBLYS is an international non-profit socio-cultural organization which aspires to serve as an interactive platform and meeting point to exchange, design, inspire and promote social innovation projects and creative alternatives



The European Brewery Convention is the technical and scientific arm of the ‘Brewers of Europe’, the voice of the brewing sector in Europe. Members are the national brewing trade associations representing brewers in most EU countries, including Switzerland, Norway and Turkey as associated members.