Social Finance Lab is an Erasmus+ supported project led by Domhan Vision based in Germany. The project partnership is formed by 5 different institutions coming from five European countries (Ireland, Spain, UK, Lithuania and Germany.)

The Project


SocialFinanceLab  aims to support the social business fabric in participating partner countries (Germany, Spain, Lithuania, Ireland, the UK and Hungary) and beyond. SocialFinanceLab intends to increase  alternative finances for social entrepreneurs by providing an open and collaborative learning area to develop the social entrepreneurs' competences and skills on funding and innovative finances such as crowdfunding, Finance 2.0, microfinance, business angels etc. 



The project will develop 2 main outcomes:

  •  A comparative analysis of training methodologies and approaches
  • A collaborative learning platform on alternative and social finances


This is a 2 year long project starting in December 2020 and ending in December 2022

 Our team is currently working on the first research phase of the project and preparing our analysis on Social Enterprise with our partners countries, we also decided to include some countries outside of Europe to see what we can learn their. 


Our Project Partners

 Domhan Vision we live projects. We promote societal change by fostering entrepreneurial mindsets, life long learning and education. We believe in innovative ideas that improve life in the community and support learning opportunities for everyone.


Using sport as one of the main accelerators and multiplicators to reach many people, Domhan Vision treads new paths to promote social responsibility through the improvement of public participation and easier access to education and learning. In our projects we think globally, share ideas and invigorate European values.

DRAMBLYS is an international non-profit socio-cultural organization of independent professionals committed to positive social change and responsible leadership.They combine sociological imagination & inquiry with social creativity and design to approach, explore, and innovate solutions to emerging social problems. The main programmes and areas of expertise includeprogramme design and evaluation, diversity management, data visualisation and social design.

South West College (SWC) is one of the largest vocational and technical Colleges in the United Kingdom employing over 900 staff, servicing some 22,000 full-time and part-time learners, with an annual turnover of £42million. The College is rurally located in the western region of Northern Ireland, and offers many national and international projects and initiatives to support the local and regional communities.


The College has a strong reputation across the United Kingdom and beyond for excellence in service delivery, consistency of performance and a commitment to continuous improvement. In April 2014, the College was formally inspected and was awarded a ‘Grade 1 – Outstanding’, placing it as the only regional College in Northern Ireland to be awarded this accolade and one of only a few in the UK.



The Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) is a prestigious higher education institution in Hungary. Its main mission is to educate professionals for the industry in the disciplines of technology, informatics, natural sciences, economics, business and management. The university's mission, inseparable from the education,


is to cultivate the sciences, to make scientific research, which encompasses fundamental and applied research, technological product and service development, and exploitation of results making up the innovation chain.

BME was founded in 1782. More than 1300 professors, researchers and numerous invited expert specialists participate in education and research within the structure of eight faculties.

BME is currently attended by more than 18,000 students in day courses and nearly 8,000 participating in other forms of education. 



ESI founded in 2010, and is non-profit organization which focuses on non-financial business supports (consulting, training, mentoring, and advisory, strategy development, etc.), accelerates global, innovation based impact entrepreneurship. ESI focuses on opportunities to demonstrate, how it makes a positive impact on society and create benefits for the public through innovative teaching methods, cause marketing strategies creation, and development of sustainable and responsible business models.

Since 2010 it has been providing the highest quality training, consulting and support services to individuals and organisations from private, public and non-governmental sectors. ESI mission is to contribute to bringing global change through learning and development and to accelerate entrepreneurship to end global poverty and protect the planet and envisions a world where all people are architects of their own futures.